I've always struggled to understand my mind. Initially, I did not accept it.
Now I listen to it, indulge it, ignore it, live it, abandon myself to it.

My brain never leaves me alone, it doesn't stop for a second, and most of the time generates endless loops.

Sometimes I can almost detach myself from these infinite loops and observe them. I see their shape, movement, color, space.
Art act as a natural calming, a filter that purifies my darkest thoughts. That's why many of my works do not look alike at all.

The genesis of my work comes from different flows of thought.
Each work is the contamination between my past, present, and future, created from the gentle dance between randomness and rigor.

Emanuele Pasin

Process & Tools

Ideation: pen, paper.

Exploration: p5.js, pen, paper, pastel colors, web2.

Development: p5.js, shaders.

Deployment: web3, print shop.